03 May 2007

I am leaving Madrid

Finally, I arrived in Spain. It is an amazing trip, I met a friend in HK airport who is going to have a spainish course in somewhere(I forgot the name of that town), so we just started our trip and arrived in Madrid airport together.

This is the third day I live in Madrid, I love this city, it is so many parks and trees, and people are nice too. I made some friends in hostel, and visited a town Toledo with a Korean guy calls James yesterday. He is a computer progammer in London , so he can speak english. We walked around in the old city, crossed some stone bridges and took photo under the castle. He told me something about Seoul and his girlfriend, and I told him the Hong Kong goverment is going to destory all the historical buildings.

I will leave Madrid tomorrow morning, and take a train to Sevilla. I believe something interesting is waiting for me.